Coaching is given in Athletics, Tennis, Mini-tennis, Netball, Cricket, Mini-cricket, Cross-country and Rugby. A complete and comprehensive extra-mural programme is made available to learners at the beginning of each term. It is expected that learners should participate in at least one winter and one summer sport. An annual Settlers Park Sports day is held.



Chess tuition is part of the school curriculum from Gr.1 to Gr.7. Our Chess club regularly plays matches against teams of other schools. Chess Festivals are also held annually.

Computer , Choir  and Orf orchestra 

Offered to both boys and girls throughout the year. A Music Evening is held annually.

Concerts and Operettas

Learners, annually, have the opportunity to take part in concerts or other cultural activities and thus discover and develop hidden talents.

Art and Culture

Extra Art classes are given after school twice weekly.


Learners participate regularly  in local eisteddfods and art competitions.



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