Our school applies modern teaching approaches; Revised National Curriculum Statement.

Specialised Services

a) School psychological services: We are also in close liaison with the Educational Support Centre. The psychologists at this centre help us with the identification and treatment of learning and other problem cases.

b) Speech and Hearing: A qualified teacher visits the school on a regular basis in order to help learners with speech problems and to test hearing.


Individual lessons (piano, guitar and recorder) are offered by a qualified music teacher. Our music learners are part of our Orf orchestra which regularly performs on special events.

Educational Excursions

Educational excursions are conducted regularly with the learners under strict supervision. Outdoor education enjoys attention as well and projects are undertaken annually with the senior primary learners.


The school offers  well-equipped media and computer centres. Interested learners therefore have the opportunity to do individual research and gain  knowledge in computers.

Computer Science

Computer tuition is given on a subject basis. 


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