Navigating the challenges of subsea oil and gas

Navigating the challenges of subsea oil and gas equipment installation. Subsea Oil Gas Upstream. By Jonah Baker 10 Apr 2020 . Subsea specialists face a range of obstacles to overcome - from extreme underwater pressures to hostile weather conditions Subsea infrastructure is critical to offshore oil and gas operations. Subsea installation for oil and gas projects is a complex process that

Indian Construction Industry: Challenges for the

Indian Construction Industry: Challenges for the Construction Managers Er. Construction projects represent a unique set of activities that must take place to produce a unique product. The success of a project is judged by meeting the criteria of cost, time, safety, resource allocation, and quality as determined by the owner. The purpose of Project Management is to achieve goals and

Top 3 Challenges Facing the UK Construction Industry in

But in a growing industry full of opportunities we also face a multitude of challenges and threats as construction professionals. One such threat comes in the form of competition, with the number of firms operating in the construction industry increasing by 6.2% compared with the previous year, totalling 314,590 construction firms operating in Great Britain by the end of 2017. However, as the

5 Challenges the Construction Industry Is Facing Right Now

Ken Y., Training Development Manager, discusses 5 challenges the construction industry is facing right now. Undercapitalization—Operating money is critical to achieve success. Do not underestimate the capital needed to pursue the most profitable projects and have the cash necessary to fund those projects until draws can be obtained. Many

Solar Energy System Design, Engineering, Construction,

As with other supply- and construction-related agreements, progress payments by the project owner/developer to the supplier/contractor (as set forth in the relevant agreement) will be based, in part, on the milestones described above. For instance, the owner/developer typically pays a certain amount toward the agreed-on contract price when the order for major equipment is submitted and then

Construction Executive

3D printing is just one example of how construction is shifting towards cheaper, faster and safer methods to cope with the challenges posed by rising costs and decreasing labor. Technological improvements such as the continued use of drones or of wearable technology to monitor labor performance and make improvement in real time are also intended to help offset costs.


SA Construction News. The entire construction industry reopened on 1 June with the advent of Alert Level 3, largely as a result of the extensive lobbying by the Construction Covid-19 Rapid Response Task Team, which comprised Master Builders South Africa along with various other industry bodies.

Construction Management Challenges

Thankfully, there are some easy steps you can take to keep your construction projects on track and on budget, as well as increase overall productivity on your construction site. If any of these challenges ring true for your business, we can help you quickly and easily get on top of how you could tackle them in our free, actionable guide : How to increase productivity on your construction site.

Managing Valves in EPCM Projects Part II: More Challenges

As Parts I and II of this article show, there are many valve-related considerations in EPCM projects. Some of these can be tracked and guided through tools such as piping and instrument diagrams. The important point to remember is that, in the end, knowing the challenges allows those who supply and make the equipment to reach the ultimate goal: satisfied end users.

Construction: What is your biggest equipment

The biggest challenge I face at the job site is tracking tools during work at the job site. Companies which are not able to track assets run into the problem of equipment misallocation. Project leaders aren't able to quickly find the status of too


25.05.2001presented seminars on a variety of topics related to construction engineering and project management. A civil engineer with more than thirty-five years of experi- ence, he has been a consultant to numerous companies in the design and construc- tion of projects. He is also co-author with Robert L. Peurifoy of Estimating

Challenges before Construction Industry in India

projects of mega scale. In its path of advancement, the industry has to overcome a number of challenges. However, the industry is still faced with some major challenges, including housing, disaster resistant construction, water management and mass transportation. Recent experiences of several new mega-projects are clear


COVID-19 poses serious safety and marketing challenges for construction in Chicagoland. by Meg White. April 15, 2020 . This week, the U.S. Census announced a significant year-over-year boost in the total number of single-family home construction permits issued, with activity up 24.7% in the Midwest (though Illinois' increase was milder). But that was February, and today, the market looks

The 10 Biggest Problems in Construction Solved

What's your biggest challenge on your construction projects? Contractors big and small seem to face the same problems on project after project. Whether you are a one-man painting contractor, a small remodel business, or a general contractor with 20-years of industry experience, these construction problems have most likely plagued you at one time or another. Here are the answers you've been


That is because healthcare projects face all the usual construction challenges (managing various subs, tasks, materials and equipment under tight timelines) while also having to ensure uninterrupted patient care and to comply with stringent health, safety and environmental standards.

Improving Construction Efficiency

construction projects (FFC, 2007). A key message of the present report is that advances in available and emerging technologies offer signifi cant opportunities to improve construction effi ciency substantially in the 21st century and to help meet other national challenges, such as environmental sustainability. From among many

Top 10 Largest Heavy Equipment Manufacturers in the

Construction Equipment, headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, has long been one of the top 10 heavy equipment manufacturers in the world. As an auxiliary and business region of the Group, CE mainly develops, manufactures and markets equipment for construction and related industries. A leader among the top heavy equipment makers

Five common construction problems and solutions

What is your biggest challenge in your construction projects? Many aspects need to be given close attention for a building project to be successful. Contractors have the task to ensure a proper set of documents is available. However, there is no set of papers is ever complete or perfect. The fact is that some challenges quickly come up during as a construction project that can impact the

Safety Control in the Construction Industry In India.

Mega Projects Special Economic Zones Legislative Law enforcing coverage agency Infrastructure Challenges of Construction Industry in India Migrating Work force. Construction Activities Competent Man power Socio Economic Problems Environmental Impact Assessment Awareness Training Labour Infrastructure Camps Unorganized Sector Culture Challenges of Construction Industry in India

Construction Industry Challenges and Trends for 2018

As construction in the U.S. continues to grow at a healthy pace (new projects topped out at $1 trillion last November!), now is not a good time for labor shortages to get in the way. Unfortunately, that's what much of the industry is facing. A lack of skilled workers, combined with a bleak outlook for new incoming talent, has begun acting like an anchor on the industry, adding time and cost

5 Ways Robotics Will Disrupt the Construction Industry in

The related equipment also tends to be more efficient, precise and less expensive in the long run when compared to manual labor. On the other hand, robots take away the human aspect of operations. In construction, this change can be a problem, because craftsmanship adds an extra layer of value to projects.

Critical Barriers and Challenges in Implementation of

survey in order to find out issues related to green construction adoption. The results indicated that in view of berries, management barriers is high consideration and the biggest challenges is higher cost and unfamiliarity with the technologies. Keywords: Green construction, Construction management, Kolmogorov-Smirnov, projects mangers, environment 1. Introduction 1Construction of green

Top 4 challenges facing the construction industry

Top 4 challenges facing the construction industry - Designing Buildings Wiki - Share your construction industry knowledge. Population growth statistics paint a rosy future for the construction industry. With the global population predicted to hit 9 billion by 2050 – and two out of every three people living in cities by 2050 – the demand for construction has never been greater.

Improving Construction Efficiency

construction projects (FFC, 2007). A key message of the present report is that advances in available and emerging technologies offer signifi cant opportunities to improve construction effi ciency substantially in the 21st century and to help meet other national challenges, such as environmental sustainability. From among many

Problems in Materials and Equipment Procurement of

From the Wisdom of the Ages to the Challenges of the Modern World Sofia, Bulgaria, 17-21 May 2015 2/9 Problems in Materials and Equipment Access of Indonesian Contractors Krishna MOCHTAR, Indonesia 1. INTRODUCTION Construction Equipment is one of the inputs for the construction process. The type of equipment used in construction activities can be divided into three namely: heavy equipment

The construction equipment market in India: Growth

Regulatory issues, environmental concerns, and delays in project approval hamper construction projects, and limits the sales of construction equipment in India. Mining activities in Karnataka, Goa, Meghalaya, and Orissa are closed by the order of the Supreme Court of India in 2010. Lack of environmental clearance has caused projects of INR 2696.98 billion (USD 37 billion), to be left in the

Architect Critical Challenges as a Project Manager in

All construction professionals such as civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers, quantity surveyors, and architects have important roles in the construction process. Among these, architects are frequently appointed as a project manager (PM). The role of a PM will drive the success of the projects implementation. Therefore, the capability of an architect as a PM (ArPM) is critical in

Project Management for Construction: Labor, Material and

Typically, construction equipment is used to perform essentially repetitive operations, and can be broadly classified according to two basic functions: (1) operators such as cranes, graders, etc. which stay within the confines of the construction site, and (2) haulers such as dump trucks, ready mixed concrete truck, etc. which transport materials to and from the site. In both cases, the cycle


An article in Construction Dive notes that construction-related firms " should be playing for the long-term, because the short-term will be somewhat short on opportunity," but optimistically notes that firms that can adopt an entrepre neurial mindset and prepare by accounting for their time, assets, and money carefully can best shield themselves against the worst of the impacts.

How Dewatering Companies Resolve Construction

Here is how dewatering contractors resolve construction challenges related to water treatment: CHECKLIST OF PUMP APPLICATION AND EQUIPMENT. The first thing you would want to consider is to ensure that your dewatering contractors make use of all the right pump applications and equipment. The contractors must be professional and know how to

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